Child Health and Education: An Interdisciplinary Journal seeks to provide an international forum for the discussion of research on issues concerning health, care and education that contributes to improving the lives of young children and their families.
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Our Logo
Our logo is designed to represent two interconnected ideas:
  • Health is wholeness and balance
  • Education is wisdom
Health is wholeness and balance
The logo is in the form of a “Medicine Wheel”, a universal symbol in cultures of Aboriginal people in North and South America to remind us that life moves in a circle and each person's path to self fulfillment lies within. There are many different ways that this concept is expressed, all reflecting the importance of wholeness and balance and the significance of the number four in Aboriginal life: four seasons, four grandfathers, four directions, four elements and four aspects of nature, four life stages. The Medicine Wheel has no beginning and no ending, just as there is no end to our journey of the four directions. The human capacity to develop is infinite - The Medicine Wheel turns forever.

Education is wisdom
The connected lines within the Child Health and Education logo represent the filaments of a spider’s web. Among the Ashanti peoples in West Africa, Anansi, the spider, symbolizes wisdom and the universality of wisdom among young and old alike. Several African legends highlight the origins of wisdom and how through common experience, children and adults together become educated and learn to walk the webs of life.

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